Temperatures under a given threshold notably harm crops grown in greenhouses. To avoid temperature drops, especially at night and the early morning, thermal plastics are useful as greenhouse coverings. These films maintain the greenhouse temperature, reducing cooling in the area of cultivation.

The double screen films are used to improve thermal protection of crops, thus strengthening the effect of the covering while reducing possible light transmission inside the greenhouse.

In addition, these double screen films create an air chamber between the plastic covering and the double screen, which delays cooling, reducing thermal oscillations and reducing stress caused to plants.

The SOLPLAST double screen films are manufactured in thicknesses starting at 37.5 microns (150 gauge). They are produced using EVA/EBA copolymers and/or metallocenes, in multilayer structures, which considerably improve light transmission into the greenhouse, minimizing losses in the area of cultivation.



  • SOLPLAST double screen films are produced using resins which considerably improve light transmission into the greenhouse, minimizing losses in the area of cultivation. In addition, they have a thermal effect that strengthens that of the greenhouse covering.
  • The air chamber created between the two films (covering and double screen) minimizes heat oscillations between night and day.
  • The DOUBLE SCREEN film is also characterized by its anti-drip effect. This prevents drops from forming inside the sheet due to condensation in the greenhouse. A continuous sheet of water forms instead of drops and with an adequate incline of the double screen film, this flows towards the sides of the greenhouse, preventing dripping onto plants and reducing the risk of diseases.
  • Absence of drops also improves light transmission, avoiding total reflection effect. This increases heating in the greenhouse, especially in the early morning.
  • The DOUBLE SCREEN films can be manufactured with holes 10 or 5 mm in diameter to improve ventilation inside the greenhouse and also prevent the formation of pockets of water on the top of the double screen.

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