Film manufactured from biopolymers, i.e. materials that are directly biodegradable and compostable, unlike polyethylene; it performs the same functions as normal mulch film.

It also includes a carbon black pigment.

The environmentally-friendly film disappears into the soil once its service life has ended.

The standard thickness of this product is 15 µ.

Main features:

• Completely biodegradable and compostable film.

• Product manufactured from biopolymers.

• Avoids the problems of plastic waste in cultivated land, as well as the costs of removing the film after each planting season.

• Herbicidal effect: reduces weed growth.

• Directly assimilated by microorganisms in the soil.

• Mechanical properties slightly inferior to those of normal film.

• Difficult to modify the degradation time.

• Raw materials based on renewable resources.


This film is also available in the following formats:

Microperforated:  improves the drainage of excess water, preventing puddles, while facilitating the exchange of CO2 between the soil and the crop, promoting photosynthesis.

Macroperforated: different hole diameters to mark the spacing of the plants.

Printed: to indicate the spacing of the plants.

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